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Updated: Jan 8, 2021

Update: 3/28 Recently one Monat MP basically told me this article was filled with false statements two things she said was that MP never said "All Natural" or that it was researched at Princeton University. Well, she can say she never said it was "all natural," organic or pure. However, she did say it was researched at Princeton. This was a lie on her part.

What I have decided instead of asking you to take my word for what is happening I am sharing screenshots of things MP Say. I also want to add that I was attached to one, Shea Ross' targeted blacklist and labeled a "hater" because I don't like a bottle of shampoo.Meanwhile, Monat is in the middle of 4 or 5 class action lawsuits. I honestly can't keep track. They have made national news including one where Market Partner lies about FDA approval were exposed. I will link to those articles below.

My professional opinion about Monat:

Why do I say no Monat?

Every month, I sit with a group of women battling cancer. I know a lot of the different cancer treatments and drugs. I see the impact that this disease has on their bodies. They are strong, but their body is fragile and does not resist things like it used to do. Some Monat Market Partners, MMPs tell cancer patients, as well as those suffering from alopecia, thyroid issues, eczema, rosacea, psoriasis, MS and more that Monat is all natural, pure and organic. It is not! Monat likes to pretend like since it is MPs making the promises they are not responsible. Monat is naturally based. They finally started getting their MMPs to say that after pressure from consumers to demand more honesty from this company. 100% of hair products could make this claim because most things in chemistry are... Ding ding ding... naturally based! I have heard MMPs tell cancer patients they can use these products while they undergo chemo, to help prevent hair loss. They don't warn them about the Capixyl or red clover leaf oil and the medical warnings attached. They don't advise them there is a significant allergen, Cocamidopropyl betaine in their product. For ordinary people, this allergen might not be an issue, but for someone with sensitive skin, this allergen voted 2004's allergen of the year can be painful at the very least. Since consumers are hearing from MMPs that the product is non-toxic, natural, pure and organic, they are hearing this will be safe for me a cancer patient with sensitive skin or me a patient with lots of allergies. When a client does have an allergic reaction, MMPs without education have no clue what they are looking at and encourage their consumers to push through the "detox stage," putting vulnerable clients at risk. I have with my own eyes seen an MMP tell a patient to ignore her dermatologist advice and just switch to a different Monat product. Ignore your doctor I sell shampoo I know more than your doctor. (My attitude is for true hair health your doctor, and I are team members on your team).

Monat Clinical Study LINK This is Monat's own study I encourage you to read it front to back. While many MMPs talk about it, few have actually read it or understand it fully. You will also note the study does not say Princeton University like so many MMPs has stated. The studies do not test the whole combination of any of their products. I will admit too many shampoos do not do extensive tests. Their test for the safety of Red Clover Leaf Oil only shows it does not cause skin irritation it does not track the impact the hormone may do on women with hormone-sensitive issues. What about the clinical hair growth. What the women tested for hair growth were between the ages of 30-46 a time when for many of us our hormones are off balance. The estrogen in this product could be beneficial for some in this age group. I am not a full hater of red clover leaf oil, I just believe consumers should be made aware of the risks versus rewards of what they are using. So, do I think that Monat could help some women grow hair? Yes but only those women who are postmenopausal and their hair loss could be linked to DHT. The Safety of IRT shampoo/Conditioner after 12 washes LINK

I encourage you to read this report it only shows the one part of their product line. It was also only used 12 times and since their own MMP talk about detox and we don't see it here could it be a different part of their line causing issues. To be honest, I am not sure. My problem came when I saw scalp issues on a chemo patient that was encouraged to "keep going with it."

Monat and I finally agree on one thing, but at the very least they could start training the MMPs to share that. Still today as I edit and update this blog in Feb. I am seeing MMPs tell consumers to 'push' through the detox. Time to educate your Market Partners and time to figure out what is causing this allergic reaction and hair breakage in some clients.".

From Monat:Those who believe they may have a legitimate reaction to MONAT products should contact a trained and licensed physician who can best identify and resolve the issue."

However, I am not sure calling every woman with an issue a liar on facebook, suing people in Federal Court to try and force those without the money to settle and sending C & D letters has put Monat in a good light with future consumers. ​ I suggest they read the book "Hug your haters".

Why do some other stylists hate Monat?

There are multiple reasons including lack of business ethics, a bully "we will sue you if you talk bad about us" attitude, uneducated MMPs making things up about the "snake oil" properties of this product.. MMPs, would like you to believe it is simply because we haven't tried the product and only then would we would see the light. Many of us who share a dislike for this product have either A. tried it or B. had a client try it with horrible, disastrous results. There are 3 responses to the issue of hair loss that anger me more then words can describe.

A: "You are going through a detox stage."

NO! Your hair should not be falling out because of a detox stage. Losing lots of hair should always alarm us and can be a sign something is off balance.You need a doctor visit, not an overpriced shampoo. Itching, sores, flaky scalp, red bumps that look like acne, sore or tender scalp are all signs that something is not right. If this is happening with any product you are using, STOP! Make an appointment with a doctor take your products with you and be prepared to talk about your hair history. All those talking about this being a good thing are more worried about money in their downline then your actual health or hair health.The president himself stated that detox is not part of the company material. I want this company to train its sales staff better.

B: The MMP prescribed the wrong formula for you and they should have done the black bottle instead.

If any product in your shampoo line makes my hair fall out, you can keep the whole line! If it is so simply for an MMP to suggest or sell the wrong product to a client and that product can make hair fall out then shouldn't Monat be more thoughtful in who it allows to sell their product or at the very least train them better on what they are selling. There is one theory in some of the MP circles that it is people using too much of the masque. If that is possible then that is a product that should only be in the back bar at a salon not left up to the user to make sure they don't use too much and cause hair fall out.

C: This product is not for everyone.

Shouldn't your MMP know this before we play hair loss roulette? Now recently the question came shouldn't stylist know that when you bleach hair it will go orange. Of course they should know that. They should also know the pH of their shampoo, but too many don't know that. I used to be one of those stylist. Thanks to Monat I have gotten a lot better educated.

That's right, Monat allows anyone to sell their product whether they're knowledgeable about hair or not. You do not need to be a licensed professional. They sell a shampoo so far off pH balance it strips color off your hair and causes hair loss. This is a strong chemical. When you ask for a SDS sheet they want you to sign a waiver not to share the information. Why? Because somewhere in that sheet is the answer to why your hair falls out and that is a closely guarded secret. A recent post said the SDS sheets were available. I can not find them on the Monat page?

The thing is that if this product is not for everyone then why do MMPs try to keep pushing this product on clients who experience issues? If my client has a problem with one of my shampoos I don't look in that same line we try to figure out what ingredient is the issue and find a shampoo that doesn't contain that ingredient.

Why are stylists speaking out on social media after remaining silent for so long?

Monat has proven it will take stylist to Federal Court for speaking out against Monat or saying they don't approve of the product. To even fight this charge you are looking at several thousands of dollars to even talk about settling out of court. It is scary to think that a company can because of full pockets silence people from giving their honest opinions.

Threatening letters of lawsuits and even MMPs bragging about the big slander lawsuits Monat brings against those who complain out loud. Am I afraid? I am a little stylist in a small town in Georgia, so yes I am afraid. But my love for my clients, and those I see when working with cancer patients makes me brave. I want my clients to be informed, educated and know they can trust me because for me it's not about driving a brand new car.

We, the stylist speaking out believe with pressure we can force this company to do right by its clients and stop the lies of their MMPs. Including the newest lie told by MMPs that Monat's product were tested at Princeton University. It was actually tested with Tri-Princeton. The fact that their own MMPs don't know where the product was tested is a sign they are not providing real education about their brand.

Since December 2017 we are starting to see a shift in their response to clients. We are starting to see Monat not use the rumor mill to train their MMPs. I believe we stylist in being vocal helped to bring about at least a small change. We want MORE change! I don't care if Monat sells their shampoo via MLM, I don't care if my clients buy it if the shampoo is of the quality they claim. But after seeing the damage to a cancer patients scalp at this time I can't be confident in the product.

Why do some stylists love Monat?

I can't speak for every stylist but for some there is no question money is a factor. But I don't hold that against them, don't you want to make money too. We all do. It is just that my love for the woman who sits in my chair matters far more to me then a few fast bucks I don't have to work for because someone in my dowline sold some shampoo.

The other reason could be their education allows them to utilize the better part of the program and trash the rest or it could be they haven't run into a problem client, because they have the skill set to know when to add Olaplex to the treatment.. But more and more stylist who bought into the Monat Promise are starting to say, "It's not for everyone, some people it doesn't work on. Yet one look at Monat's marketing it says "everyone". Did they test on everyone when the tested their products? Again I encourage you to hope over to their page linked above and see what Monat itself has to say. I am not saying this to sell you a shampoo, honestly I would rather you use Dove then Monat!

What to do if you have had an issue with Monat or any shampoo It is important that FDA is made aware if you have had any of the following issues with any shampoo you are using. Consumers need to utilize this tool since the beauty cosmetic industry is not regulated well enough to protect American Consumers. By reaching out to them and making them aware of problems with products there is a chance they can find out what the issue could be with the company or product line.

*Flaky Scalp

*sores, or bumps

*hair loss

* excessive itchy scalp

* hair breakage

Make sure to include the lot number on your bottles as well as keep receipts. If you having excessive hair loss, keep the hair in case it needs to be evaluated. Also, if you have these symptoms I would not be a good stylist if I did not tell you to seek medical attention with your family physician or a dermatologist. FDA Link to report any issue.

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