Hair Loss and your health

I often have clients asking me questions about thinning hair. Why is my hair thinning? Why is it dry and breaking? What can I do about my thinning hair?

Let’s pretend for a moment you are sitting in my chair. There are some questions I must ask. Some advice I should give to help you out. It is not as simple as picking up the right shampoo. If it were that easy there wouldn't be a whole study on hair loss. Because everyone would buy the shampoo that helped hair grow. The real truth our body and what we do to our body has a great impact on the health of our hair.

Age Matters

My husband once told me when you reach a certain age everything changes. Sadly, as we get older, we will notice more hair loss. Sometimes hair loss is part of your genetic make up. The quickest way to tell if this might be what is causing hair loss is to look at your mother, aunts, grandmother if they showed thinning of hair as they aged it can be genetic. Even with that, let's not just assume it is our age. Let's look at other factors for hair loss.

Medical Causes

When is the last time you talked to a doctor? Have you mentioned your hair loss? Often hair loss, can be a warning sign something is wrong in our body. If you were my client the first stop I want you to make before we even start talking about what to do is your doctor. Make sure to talk to your health care provider, about fatigue, weight gain/loss, stress, appetite as well as your daily habits. Request blood work for your thyroid if you are extremely tired or showing too much energy. Have the doctor look at your scalp they may want to refer you to a dermatologist if it could possibly be a skin issue. Make sure to also talk to your doctor about what daily supplements you might need to be taking such as biotin, multi-vitamin, and Omega3. Your doctor working with your stylist is your best source of hair health!


What is your daily diet? I personally recommend a daily vitamin as well as Biotin for all my clients. As I stated above I recommend these daily supplements for hair health I also suggest you talk to your doctor about these and any additional supplements they feel you need.What you eat impacts more than just your waist line it has power over your whole body, that includes your hair, skin and nails. I suggest adding the following foods to your diet.

Salmon –Omega 3, Vitamin A, Protein, healthy fats

Greek Yogurt-B5

Cinnamon-aids in circulation, which brings oxygen to your scalp, helping in hair growth

Spinach-vitamin A, Iron, beta carotene, folate and vitamin C

Yellow Peppers –Vitamin C

Oysters-Zinc Eggs-Omega 3, protein, biotin the thing we keep hearing is eat egg whites, but for hair health the yolk is what holds what we need.

Sweet Potatoes-beta carotene, vitamin A

Avocados- healthy fatty acids



Stress can be a major factor in hair loss. Stress can cause us to loss sleep, change our eating habits. Stress hair loss does not need to be permanent. Although life is filled with stress we must find ways to manage that stress. Exercise, prayer, mediation, taking time out for ourselves or talking to someone can be some great ways to lower our stress level. My biggest suggestion if stress may be your cause is to start keeping a journal where you note those things that cause you the greatest stress. You would be surprised what turning off the news had done for a lot of my clients.

How you treat your hair

What shampoo, products or chemicals are you putting on your hair? Any time you bleach, color, perm, or straighten your hair if not done with care and using the most gentle methods available not only can you see hair loss, but you can actually do damage to the scalp and that damage can make growing new hair difficult. Make sure your shampoo is not one that is raising your pH of your hair and scalp. How hot is your water, blowdrier or thermal tools? Talk to your stylist about the best products for scalp and hair health.

Are you doing box color, at home lightening, DIY perms? Make sure your stylist knows this so they can make sure that you are getting the best at home care products and that you are not doing any chemical damage to your scalp area.

How do you wear your hair most days? Your style could be causing you hair loss. Once when I was a little girl my mother came home and she had massive hair breakage. Upon a quick inspection we figured out her hair loss was caused by the hard hat she was wearing for work. Daily I see women in my chair that have hair breakage from tight ponytails, or the wrong ponytail holders. I recommend braiding the hair, scrunches and making sure you ponytail is not too tight.

The best approach to dealing with hair loss is to talk to your doctor and your stylist.

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