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Saving Money on Hair Care

If you are like me you are always looking for a place to save money. The first thing we always seem to cut back on is the luxury of our hair. But doing that even when young can impact our scalp health. Your scalp healthy is key to maintaining the longevity of maintaining beautiful healthy hair. But there are areas we and ways to budget our hair care.

Vitamins, Food and Water

We have all seen them, grow your hair vitamins at high prices. Every MLM selling a beauty product has these vitamins. But take a moment and turn them over and compare to the vitamins you can get at CVS or Walgreens. The truth for most of us a daily vitamin with maybe an extra boost of biotin is all we really need to keep our hair at it's best from a vitamin stand point. But let's talk about something even better then your daily vitamin.

Your Diet!

A vitamin can only do so much if you are dehydrated, or lacking daily nutrients in your daily diet. Crash diets, starving yourself or filling your body with junk food will make everything you do in regards to taking a small little pill do little to help with scalp hair. So start saving money by skipping McDonald's and cooking a healthy meal at home. Stop drinking cokes and start carrying around a travel mug of water. Take just a regular multi-vitamin and if you have hair growth issues add a small biotin tablet to your vitamin routine.

Shampoo, Oh my shampoo!

Shampoos can range in price from $1 to $60 and more for a regular size bottle. I am a big, huge believer in you can't by the cheapest and expect the greatest. However, unless that $60 bottle of shampoo comes with a stylist styling my hair that is a big NOPE for my budget!

There is a happy middle point and I happen to believe a good quality shampoo will range from $15-$25. It is always a temptation to pick up that bottle of suave professional and think because it uses the word professional you are getting a cheap version of professional product, but the big word is cheap. I use food as a perfect example to compare shampoo quality: You can't go to McDonald's and expect an Outback Meal. With each step you must decide first what is your price point and is the cheapest product going to really save you money.

Many stylists, myself included guarantee color longevity longer if you buy the salon professional shampoo. Why do we do this, because our experience has shown us which shampoos can truly help your new color last longer. Here are some advantages of professional quality shampoo. Color fades less, scalp health, you often use less of the product and for those finding themselves shampooing everyday because of oily scalp often that can be solved with a better quality shampoo.

Now, the same goes for conditioner and no coconut oil is not the same as a conditioner :)! As a matter of fact that coconut oil maybe causing problems. Please read this before picking up your coconut oil.

I have a coupon, Groupon or $5 haircuts today only!

I love my little coupon books I get from the high schools each year. I travel with about 15 sites opening looking for the best deals on hotels, cars and even where to eat. So, I get it but here is the true trick to save money at the salon. Loyalty! I know, I know you are thinking she is saying that just because she wants her clients to be loyal. Well I do want them to be loyal, but the reality I say that because I know the extras I do for those who stay with me.

Because I know their budget and because I trust them to take care of me by sitting in my chair and telling their friends about me I love to go the extra mile to find ways to save them money with me. I work with them to create styles and colors that give them an extra week, I teach them tips to make their color last longer and sometimes, because I love them and their hair I will throw in a free treatment. The treatment is often a $15-30 treatment.

Added bonus by staying loyal to your stylist they get to know your hair and you will get less bad colors, and haircuts.

Decide what your price point is going to be for your hair and find a stylist in that price range and give them at least 3 times. If they are a fit, just go ahead and prebook. Some stylist, not me even have deals if you prebook and keep your appointment.

Check with your stylist some offer a discount if you buy retail at the time of service.

If your budget is super tight I always recommend go to a local beauty school. Ask for a stylist who is new. If they are a fit for you at least a few months you will have a stylist they will get to know you and your hair. You will be helping a future stylist.

PS tip student stylist they are paying for school and have no money ;)!

Roots and box color

Ah, stylist across the country are going to cringe when I say this. I have some clients that need to cover their roots (darker or natural color) in between visits with me and I don't mind if they use a demi color to cover in between. Avoid permanent colors when doing root touch ups.

DIY Color Clients and Fashion Color Clients

Before I was a stylist I was a DIY! Loved doing my own color, but because I didn't have a dedicated stylist I didn't see I was doing so much damage that one day it would lead to a forced pixie cut. I have several DIY clients who love mainly the fun of doing their own fashion colors. So DIY enjoy, but talk to your stylist and don't save money on the product you use. ALSO, DIY clients come in and let me lighten their hair, enjoy all the fashion semi colors you want, but let your stylist do the removing and the lightening. It will let you have better looking fashion colors and save you money.

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