Add then she went blue

Well she got out of school on Thursday and by Tuesday she had a whole new look...

It was not easy, or fast but the new look left her hair in great shape! No breakage, no clumps of hair in the sink and it still feels great to the touch. We finished the look by cutting her split ends off and giving her a little more bang!

She was beautiful to start with but she wanted something new and blue seemed a great choice.

Where we started...

This is Amy getting ready for the new color and cut :)!

Stage One

Time to get that brown off. We did this no heat and slowly to keep the hair as far from damage as possible. We ended up going a bit to orange,

Testing the color..

Rumor is with Framesi I wouldn't need to go as light and we didn't have to go any lighter to get the color we wanted! Look at that, blue with a hint of green! Let's go for it and maybe do the blue twice, once at the bowl as a toner and once at the chair with the hair is dry!

All wet and BLUE!

The blue is in place and now it's time to see our results.

All rinsed out and just need to be blow dried.

Blue before the cut!

The final results ... I think my favorite part is the ombre effect of the blue to green!

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