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Welcome to Hartline Hair inside
Oasis Hair Salon

Welcome to Hartline Hair, your dedicated head spa destination. I'm Lea Hartline, and at my serene private suite within Oasis Salon, I specialize in advanced scalp and hair care. My treatments, designed to optimize hair health and promote growth, include red light therapy and high-frequency techniques. I also offer expert haircuts and color services, with a particular focus on creating stunning balayage effects that bring out the natural beauty and dimension of your hair. Alongside these, enjoy a range of other relaxing treatments such as soothing arm, foot, and knee massages, hydrating facial treatments, and expert brow services. Book your visit today and experience a personalized approach to comprehensive beauty and wellness, enhancing your natural beauty and well-being.

Appointment Only

Wednesday       9:00-8:00

Saturday          8:00-4:00

Hartline Hair
Oasis Salon
2705 Airport Rd suite 107, Dalton, GA, United States, Georgia

Phone: 706-449-4091




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