Traditional color work can come in a great range and have as much personality as fashion colors.  It can be soft painted with subtle low and highlights or dramatic with sharp distinctions between the dark and the light.  It can vary between stunning blondes, beautiful brunettes and hot reds.  Since most of my work is hand painted every single look is unique to you and your style.

Fashion Colors

No matter what you call it Mermaid Hair, Unicorn Hair, Fashion Hair or Artistic Hair it is an area I specialize in from Neon, Pastel, Silver or Bold I have an amazing talent for creating some of the best Fashion Hair in this area.  I've been blessed to have my fashion hair featured several times on some of the top social media sites for hair.



I'll try to keep this short but there's so much to brag on Lea about! She's the best hair dresser I've met by far! I'm a very difficult client I never really know what I want yet I'm so hard to please. She has no trouble whatsoever, we message each other a few days before to get a general idea then discuss it further when I get there and she works her magic! I cannot have creative colors due to my job but when I did it was amazing! Like Pinterest level amazing.




I love love LOVE coming to see my Hair Mama. She always does amazing work, beautiful colors and everything she uses smells wonderful,which is a plus!



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